What We Do

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What We Do • BMOM

Partnering with Building Men for Others Ministries, Inc.

Those new to our mission and vision may not know that Building Men and Women for Others, Inc. (home to Coach For America) is a catalytic organization to build, launch and create individual, communal and social change through indigenous partnerships with people, communities, agencies and organizations. We are a hybrid organization consisting of Building Men for Others Ministries, a tax exempt non-profit 501-(c)- (3) organization and Building Men and Women for Others Inc. trading as Coach For America.

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Children's Camps
  • KIPP Schools
  • Fallen Heroes Day
  • Hope's Heroes Annual 5K Fun Run
  • Scholarships for Coaching Seminars
  • KIPP Lacrosse Program
  • Children's Camps
  • Parks and Recreation Programs
  • A Call to Men
  • Faith-Based Organizations and Churches

BMOM is funded by voluntary contributions of friends, businesses, corporations, churches and foundations who support our vision, helping us spread the message nationally. All related ministry and business costs must be raised through contributions.

Most donations are made by check or wire transfers. However, other assets can be donated as well. The Internal Revenue service has designated BMOM as a non- profit with a Federal Id Number of 27-0062946 making contributions tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Your donations enable us to provide scholarships, develop and implement various community-based programs and allow us to impact resource-poor communities. For further information or to make a donation, feel free to call or contact Cathy Chamberlain.

Thank you for your continued support!